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petePete Rivas is The Works Basketball Academy's head coach. Pete Rivas is a former Division I Men’s basketball assistant coach and former head high school basketball girls and boys coach of ten years. Pete founded The Works Academy with a desire to reach the athlete who needs help leveling the playing field in a storm of elite and over-trained young athletes. He has assembled a staff of trainers, educators, coaches and former collegiate and high school players to do just that. With almost 30 years of coaching experience and knowledge, Pete leads The Works with his passion for helping young players be safe, healthy and successful in their athletic endeavors.

“Unlike programs focusing on either conditioning or sports skills, I combine conditioning that follows a cutting-edge philosophy and protocols with top-notch sports fundamentals training. I take a holistic approach to sports training for winning results!  I work hard to create the proper foundation for success by modeling the desired task, then gradually shifting responsibility to the player. I take into account the player’s knowledge of the game and build from that point.” – Pete Rivas

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Nike Basketball camps & clinics

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Snow Valley Basketball School